What is VIP Consigning?

  • Standard Consignor makes a 60% commission on their sales. As a VIP Consignor, you would make 30% of your sales. You will be charged a $12.00 VIP Consignor fee (taken out of your Consignor check – you don’t pay it up front).

  • If you want to Consign your nice items, but don't have time for consigning process, our VIP Program is your solution!

  • A VIP Processor will gather, prep, tag, enter, and deliver your items to our upcoming event! You'll still earn a Private Pre-Sale Pass.

  • Your items will be priced at 25-35% of retail.

Let us help sell the items your family has outgrown this season! Become a VIP and we will do the work for you!!!

Life is busy but the need to de-clutter isn't going away. Let us help you! Our VIP Team is ready to cosign your items and have ready for our next sale event.

You can enjoy gathering up those outgrown items, getting them out of the house, and all the perks of cosigning with us!

Talk about a win-win. We are here to serve you this season.

What is the VIP Program?

We help you earn money with little to no work. You clean, sort and provide your unwanted children items. Our VIP coordinator will help you set a drop, assign a VIP processor and we will Prep, Hang, Tag, Bag and Enter all your items into the system. We will provide you with a log in to view your items entered and you can view your sales daily. We do the work while you earn the rewards.

How do I sign up for VIP?

Follow the link on our Cosignor tab on our website. Fill out the form and our VIP Coordinator will follow up with you.

How do I get my check?

We are now offering the convenience of E-check! Just print at home and deposit online or in person at your bank.

How do I get my Shopping Pass?

You will receive your passes by email through Eventbrite. Don't forget to bring a friend with you because your pass allows YOU + ONE to shop early before we open to the public!

What do I do about my items that don't sell?

No worries we have four locations!! Orland, Rockford, Schaumburg and Fox Valley.

We can transfer your items from sale to sale for a small fee with a Minimum of 50 items to transfer to another location. If you don't have 50 items in order to transfer please feel free to add more to qualify for a transfer.

Once the season is over or if you don't have enough items to transfer you have the ability to donate your remaining items to our foster family shopping event and donate to local charity.

Acceptable item

We love Toys, Books, Games, Baby Gear and Outdoor Gear.

Car seats MUST BE VERY CLEAN and manufactured within 5 years. IF your car seat, stroller, highchair has stains, food, dirt etc we will not accept it.

All clothing must be season appropriate, less than 2-3 years old, Freshly Laundered (free of pet hair and odor-free) If your items have been in long-term storage, please go through them and make sure they are clean, No stains, No tears, No Holes nor Rips, elastic waist still work.

How do I prep and deliver my items?

After you fill out the VIP form. Our VIP Coordinator with send you detail instructions to prep for drop off. All items will need to be sorted by size in small bag and can be put in into a large garbage bag or box. All large items, bags and boxes will need to labeled with masking tape with your name.

We will then setup a drop off time and location.

Please note that any containers used to transport will not be returned so please place your items in boxes, bins or bags that you do not need back.

Are there any limits?

There is not a limit to the number of TOTAL items that a cosignor can enter, however, there is a BATCH LIMIT of 200 items. So if you would like to enter more items , you will need to create and start a new ID.

There will a maximum number of items accepted into the database for the event (due to space constraints). The earlier you are able to enter your items, the better! We will have to close the system when we reach capacity.

We Cannot accept the following items

-Recalled Items

-Out-of-date clothing - It will not sell!

-Any items that's is stained, torn, rip soiled, smells of smoke, pet hair or excessive wear.

-Items with missing buttons, broken zipper, or lost parts and pieces.

-Battery operated toys without batteries or not working.

-Baby equipment that is not clean or has been recalled.

-Bags of loose toys unless theme oriented(I.E. Bag of all army toys, all Mcdonald toys, Barbie toys, Cars etc -VHS Movies or Movies R-rated

-Knick Knacks, or fragile items

-No Knit blankets, personalized, no king bedding

-Any used underwear

-Any Socks used socks (must be like new only)

-Plush that is not licensed or missing batteries or does not work.

-We do not accept Prom or Former wear for Juniors or adults,

-We do not accept Crib Mattresses or Crib bumpers. (only crib bumpers accepted is the mesh kind) Please see more information regarding cribs and crib accessories on our facts tab.